About Us

My Eco Company

A privately owned start-up, headquartered in London, UK. My Eco Company was established in April 2017.

My Eco Company was founded with an aim to provide good quality and affordable biodegradable caddy liners for the local communities. 

Our Story

The UK government started introducing the food waste collection scheme across the UK back in 2011. Being a strong supporter to environmental protection, we extremely welcomed the changes and were very happy to do our bit for mother earth. 

However, our enthusiasm quickly turned in a big setback... We found ourselves having to put up with constant foul smell, maggots and a weekly wash of the food waste bins.

The only sensible solution for us seems to be the use of biodegradable bin liners. However, most of the biodegradable bin liners we experimented with were of poor quality or/and very pricey. 

As a family with three young and crazy boys (and ten pet fish :-P), we want minimum hassle dealing with our food waste. Don't think it's too unreasonable to ask for good quality bags that fits and do not break!

Therefore My Eco Company was born.... out of frustrations of daily life from an ordinary family.

Our aim is to be able to make the simple things such as emptying your food waste in your household....... simple! Hassle free, reasonably priced and reliable biodegradable food waste bags that you can count on.

Our Contact details:

My Eco Company

VAT: GB329888342

Address: PO Box 363, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 9DP

Phone: +44 (0)2033934429